During the last 8 ½ years I have walked about 30000 km during several longer walking pilgrimages. I spent most of my time and effort on the fundamental right to free access to clean water. Fundamentally, this fundamental right is recognized today by the United Nations, by resolution 64/292 of 28 July 2010 – as a human right – widely and worldwide. The first countries, such as Slovenia, are in the process of implementing this right in their constitution.
This means that the basic intention of my pilgrimage has changed. From recognizing a fundamental right to putting it into practice and paying attention to the possibilities.
As a result, this website – walk4water2.eu – is being converted into a charity crowdfunding platform. The subject of pilgrimage is disconnected from the water due to its own diversity in content and can be found on vialactea.info. This page will be rebuilt for charitable purposes in 2019.
Steffen A. Pfeiffer