St. James Trail 2010

Only a few things are important to know about the Way of St. James in 2010. But they then led me to where I am today. At the point of “professional pilgrimage” for free access to clean water as a right to life, means of life and habitat.


The Way of St. James in 2010 started exactly 8 years ago, with the day of today’s publication. So, 8 years ago, in a burnout, after losing a lot of money in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, I sorted things that I thought I would have to take with me into a backpack that was too big and got me so sick the ride of my life. A pilgrimage that led me out of burnout and at the same time convinced me of what you can do with a clear goal in mind.

The backpack, incidentally, weighed at the start – weighed in Roncesvalles – whopping 38 kg or 76 lbs.

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