Pilgriming for Water

During my second pilgrimage through Spain, June / July 2012, Spain’s water use rights were privatized, through political interference on the part of the troika and the EU, on the debt issue and the euro crisis. In the tendering process, mainly companies such as Nestlé, Coca-Cola and Veolia made the race to the rights of use, which basically also included the sewage and service water issue. The first step was that tap water was massively chlorinated.

To notice this was not difficult on hot days, along the Way of St. James. But the challenge is more far-reaching, since animals – such as birds, dogs and cats – no longer drink the water. And exactly these scenes – regardless of the question of environmental compatibility – made me move in 2012 to do something. And as a result to go the pilgrimage routes – WALK4WATER² – which I have gone across Europe since 2013 so far.

The picture is a scene in Léon, at the fountain, from the end of June 2012 – pigeons cool their heads at 45 degrees Celsius, but the water, which smelled “chlorinated” 10 meters against the wind, can not be drunk.

So I went on foot from the North Cape on June 28, 2013, as a sign of free access to clean water as a human right. I collected in Denmark and Germany, in cooperation with right2water, signatures for the petition against water privatization etc.

Representative of all paths here Selfie excerpts from 2013

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