I have “collected” these references between 2010 and 2017. The pictures reproduce excerpts from the years and certificates:

2010, 2012 – Compostelle; 2010 – Finisterre; 2012 – Compostelle; 2013 – North Cape, Olavsweg, Compostelle, Finisterre; 2015 – North Cape, St. Olav’s Trail, Sahagun, Compostelle, Distancia Compostelle; 2016 – Via Francigena and Prima Fila with personal meeting of Pope Francis I .; 2017 – 2x Compostelle, Sahagun and Finisterre, 1x Compostelle on behalf of my father.

There is no certificate for the journey from Lisbon to Fatima, as Fatima is at the same time on the Camino Portugues from the Algarve via Lisbon, Braga, Porto to Santiago de Compostela. On the other pages, which are deposited with this navigation, you will find several galleries of the paths that I left.

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