At first I’d like to introduce myself personally. My name is Steffen A. Pfeiffer. I have been pilgrimage since a burnout in 2010 regularly in the world. How it came from Burnout to the water cleanliness as an issue I explain in more detail elsewhere.

Photo 1: 2015 – Winter in the Meseta.
Photo 2: 2012 – Refreshing with spring water in the Pyrenees.
Photo 3: 2012 – The trigger for my pilgrimage for water as a right to life.
Photo 4: 2016 – Meeting and Selfie with Pope Francis I in Rome. A good exchange between a water pilgrim and the author of the green encyclical.

And now have fun browsing and discovering the content of this website, which grows over time. So that a renewed visit here is always worthwhile.

Best regards
Your water pilgrim

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