These are recent pictures of the well plant, for which I address with the WALK4WATER² 2.0 since Fisterra, Galicia, to the Dakhla Oasis, Egypt, to generate funds for the restoration of this well. In addition to the people there has a water filter system to be installed in the well, due to the dilapidation of the well is dilapidated. The water is contaminated with iron. In addition, the soil is salty, so that the agriculture can not be optimally executed. Salty soils and dirty water are suboptimal conditions for this.

The following picture series shows the conditions on site very impressively. And where the desert, due to the non-orderability of the fields, takes the floor, a renaturation and recovery is expensive and tedious. This means that local people who lack the financial resources will eventually be forced to surrender and migrate to the climatic conditions.

Greenpeace estimates the number of climate refugees resulting from such situations at up to 50 million alone for the next 20 years.

So, the success of the pilgrimage with clean water definitely has a signal effect in the region and thus in North Africa. —> Click here for Crowdfunding.

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