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Pilgrimage for Water

During my second pilgrimage through Spain, June / July 2012, Spain’s water use rights were privatized, through political interference on the part of the troika and the EU, on the debt issue and the euro crisis….


These are recent pictures of the well plant, for which I address with the WALK4WATER² 2.0 since Fisterra, Galicia, to the Dakhla Oasis, Egypt, to generate funds for the restoration of this well.

Goal Setting …

In 2010, a costly business, personal setback caused a burnout for me. This mental border experience led me via Lourdes in France to the classic French Way of Saint James (Camino Frances) from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port via Santiago de Compostela to Finisterre in Galicia. And the Way of St. James helped me to overcome and reassess the experiences that led to burnout in daily footsteps.

2012 was the year in which I planned to repeat this part of the Way of St. James. This time, however, consciously, to see what I had documented during my “Burnout Camino” by means of pictures. On this, my second Camino, I literally stumbled upon EU water privatization. And this is the living example of Spain, which has ceded its water use rights to settle billions of Euros in debt for millions over decades to companies such as Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Veolia, and others.

Why Dakhla?

In this oasis live about 300 people permanently, who depend on clean water for life and agriculture. However, the well is so dilapidated that renovation is essential to give people their human right to clean water. Conversely, if nothing happens, people would become so-called climate refugees in the next few years. It is a pilot project to show that solidarity and change is possible even without a charitable association construct. The clean water should enable sustainable agriculture and clean drinking water for the people there. Because without clean water there is no life, no learning, no progress and no worthwhile circumstances.

And according to the UN Convention on Human Rights of 1948, as well as the Federal German Basic Law of 1949, as well as the European Constitution of the EU, according to the articles 1:


Is in line with the English “Walk for Water to …” and then destination project heading for multiple paths in time. These WALK4WATER2 were born in Léon. A situation at one, justified in the water privatizing, strongly chlorinated wells resulted in the final result. Strongly chlorinated water is denied by animals. Even with the greatest thirst, they do not drink this kind of water. At 45 degrees Celsius in the summer in Leon was the sight of various species of birds, where you could read the desperation in their feathered faces, one of the saddest experiences that I can imagine.

At the end of June 2013, for example, I started my first long pilgrimage, of more than 7,000 km, at the North Cape in Norway to Finisterra in Galicia (Spain). Along the route from the North Cape to Trondheim and then over the directional route of Olavsweges to Oslo, I collected the experiences with people over water and my claim to speak so that I could then sign for right2water signatures for the EU petition in Denmark and Germany.

In addition, it is my way to make known the European Water Charter of 6.5.1968. And to give emphasis to the UN Water Charter (Res. 64/292 of July 28, 2010). Both speak of free access to clean water as a human right. Based on the need to protect and, if possible, expand water resources and to take nature into account, I changed the motto for WALK4WATER2:

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Steffen A. Pfeiffer

Waterpilgrim, WALK4WATER²

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Steffen A. Pfeiffer

Waterpilgrim, WALK4WATER²

About Me

I’m Steffen A. Pfeiffer and 51 years old. I am born in Ludwigsburg in Baden-Württemberg. Originally trained in the restoration department, I was employed against 4 years and 3 months in Bundeswehr & NATO service. From 1988 to 1990 in Pinneberg as a basic trainer, from 1990 (during the time of the former Gulf War) then in the German Support Unit in Ramstein. Responsible, inter alia, for document creation and management in English for the US headquarters. My personal experiences and experiences during this time have made me a pacifist.

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